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Here you can find an excellent collection of modern, finnish jewellery (earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and rings) and design items made of silver and finnish steel.

Forms that resist the flow of time

"Like coastal stones beaten by storms of the sea, all our jewellery has been crafted by great power to its shape. To a shape which is little bit different to the one next to it."

Our Collections

  • The Amazon Collection combines traditional craftmanship with streamlined fascinating clear shapes.
  • Koruja joihin on mukava pukeutua! Suunnitellut Pekka Piekäinen.
  • Jewellery handcrafted from silver plates. All jewellery in this collection follow the same style and fit nicely together.
  • Timeless collection for trendy women. Traditional cloison enamel and silver, handcrafted.

  • Streamlined Kayak-collection provides perfected stylishness to your outfit with its classy narrow design.
  • Vivien Collection has been designed by Janni Palmu
  • Support FightBack by purchasing FightBack jewellery!
  • Kokoa oma yhdistelmäsi sormuksista! Kokoa mallistossa hopean rinnalla yhdistyy akryyli useissa eri väreissä.
  • Vivaldi-mallistossa yhdistyy neljää vuodenaikaa seuraavat korut. Mallistoon kuuluu riipuksien lisäksi, kahta eri kokoa olevat korvakorut.