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Forms that resist the flow of time

"Like coastal stones beaten by storms of the sea, all our jewellery has been crafted by great power to its shape. To a shape which is little bit different to the one next to it."

All PlatinOro Jewellery is handcrafted from silver plates, by hammering them into shape. All products are timeless classics, easy to use and fit together. Each product is handmade by a silver-, or goldsmith with great passion. That means our products are not casted into a mold, instead the work of the smith can be seen on each product.

PlatinOro has always wanted to treasure the scandiavian clean looks. That is why we only accept the best designers in their field, designers who can continue the look and feel created by Pekka Piekäinen.

Most of PlatinOro's products have been designed by Pekka Piekäinen. Piekäinen (1945-2004) represented clean and clear looks with his eccentric style. He draw his ideas from the nature and live that surrounds around all of us.

"Nature's cold-blooded adaptation to its purpose, is the best source for a designer. Every form is justifiable, it has got its purpose."

Piekäinen did not try to copy the nature, instead he tried to understand it, and that understanding was transfered to his works.
Piekäinen was the head designer of Auran Kultaseppä Oy during 1971-1989.

He received the state industrial design award in 1979.
His own company, PlatinOro Oy was established in 1991.

When he was chosen as the Goldsmith of the Year 2002, Finnish Goldsmiths' Association emphasised Piekäinen's renowness as an artist both nationally and internationally.
During his career Mr Piekäinen designed watch collections for Omega and Tissot.

The handprint of Mr Piekäinen can be seen on many finnish companies corporate gifts.

Mr Piekäinen's work continues to live forever!